Alternative Event Tent Idea

I’m planning my own wedding and it’s crazy how expensive extra lighting and paper lanterns can be! During my daily Pinterest obsessing sesh I came up with either a brilliant or stupid idea. What if I did a variety of giant, round balloons?


They’d be SO GORG with twinkling string-lights!

From Pinterest

Here’s the challenge: helium-filled balloons go right to the top. I think some fishing wire might help. I’m not sure I love the look unless there’s several different sizes and colors used.

This couple tried it above. 

I love them as photo props too. They look so dreamy and romantic.

Bridal Musing’s post (link also in their photo above) had lots of ideas and tips for buying them. They seem like they’re very affordable compared to having the tent people put up paper lanterns.

Any experience with this? Please share in the comments!



One thought on “Alternative Event Tent Idea

  1. Laura says:

    Wondering what you ended up doing. In the process of planing the same concept. If you did this, are there pictures?

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